Lowbus is a long-distance mobility provider -which owns no buses- that offers lower prices and more control to travel agencies.

About Lowbus

We reduce the high prices, and lack of digitalisation in the occasional bus services. When talking about a one-way journey, buses make the way back (to their cities) empty. Those services are paid by the travel agencies: in a journey from Valencia to Madrid's airport they pay the journey Vlc-Madrid with the group of clients, and the Madrid-Vlc empty. On the other hand, hiring huge bus operations leads to limitations on the offer, since one bus company cannot cover and organise all the work. In sum, the lack of digitalisation and use of information, makes the industry rigid and low-efficient, compared with other means of transportation. In Lowbus, we do not quote separately every service a travel agency asks for. Instead, we introduce all the journeys travel agencies has demanded us in our optimisation software, and try to extract the combination of buses that minimises the price. Thus, the same bus can be making the service from different travel agencies, if that is reducing the empty kilometers made. Once we optimise the use of the buses, we hire the journeys needed to our local partners (medium size bus companies), paying a lower price, since the number of empty journeys is less. This business model is allowing us to offer 20% lower prices than any other bus company, and minimize the carbon emissions. On the other hand, we offer a better control of the operations with a cloud user panel that contains the information our clients need to have. In short, we offer better prices and user experience, with the aim to go from a manual and old-school market to a digital one.

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