Manzaning (Urban Manzana SL)


Grocery and fresh food from local retailers and markets, delivered to you.

About Manzaning (Urban Manzana SL)

Manzaning: -App Marketplace (transactional web GO LIVE jan’17) -250 stores (groceries, fresh food, dry cleaners, florists…) + 5 Food Markets (60 stores). -Available in Barcelona (pilot in Madrid). How to Shop: 1. Choose the store/market 2. Select the products 3. (Optional) Chat with retailer 4. Schedule the delivery Problem / Solution: Retailer: lack of digitalization, aging clientele, competition of online players. Customer: lack of time, traffic issues, time conciliation. Mistrust buying fresh food online. Manzaning is the opportunity to capitalize online grocery sales for food markets and local retailers. A transversal project of high economic impact where technology becomes the great facilitator allowing a fast escalability. Delivery: -Express deliveries (in less than 60 minutes) or scheduled in 1hr slots (up to 6 days before). -Shipping costs vary depending on amount of the order. -Free shipping on orders over 65€. -Outsourced logistics. The Chat - Differential Advantadge: For the customer: pre and post-sale tool. For the retailer: loyalty tool. For Manzaning: no need of personal shopper, increasing the profitability per order. Monetization: -Retailer: Comission + yearly fee -Food Market: Comission + monthly fee -Customer: Delivery. 0-6€, avg 3,5€. Cost depends on amount spent in order. Positive Unit Economics. UNIT MARGIN PER ORDER 7€ (profitability 15%).

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Created Spain, March/2016
Status Startup

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