Il gelato italiano in roll




Mashcream is innovation of product and communication, to talk about Italy to discover in its traditions and its cultural and tourist routes. The ice cream as a first food product created and presented through social cooking.
Mashcream is the concept, a mix of product and marketing, machine and social network, ice cream and show cooking.
The ingredients chosen by the customer customize an ice cream totally esclusive created on a chilled plate in front of their eyes.
So, Mashcream, is not just an ice cream, but a real experience that involve the customer starting from the show from the phase of preparation, with a soft and compact taste which is mainly given by the fresh fuit, up to the pleasure to savor the flavor.
You do not need a lab, you do not need large spaces, it is not necessary to be a chef to prepare a Mashcream ice cream!
Technological innovation, thanks to a chilled plate with a working temperature of about -25°C, and tradition of italian ice cream, for the first time joined together to create an "emotional" ice cream with the following plus: Gluten free, Halal, Healthy and Bio.
Organization founded in Italy. Since September/2015. STARTUP phase.



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