BI cloud software focused in the pharmaceutical industries for implementing an adaptation strategy

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Cloud based software for implementing a Closed Marketing Strategy which allows planning, executing, monitoring and analizing as a team all the comercial strategy in order to get the best results maYimbo is fully developed around four fundamental props: Optimization of both material and human resources through the concentracion of commercial campaigns & actions to be done A deep knowledge of the final client through the data extraction of all the interactions with him. maYimbo turns this data into insights to be transformed into high value commercial strategies Improvement of the communication: o External communication: we empower the field visits with the use of new channels such as e-mail, websites… o Internal communication: real time notifications to every part of the team of the strategical actions to be taken A friendly design for the final user and a high quality customer service where you can place and solve all your doubts We are a young entrepreneurial team with the idea of developing a business solution to be commercialized as a service (Software as a Service)

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