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Brain imaging and data analytics platform in the cloud aiming to accelerate the discovery and development of cures for neurological diseases

About Mint Labs

Mint Labs offers a remote medical image analysis and visualization platform that aims to help specialists provide better diagnosis and treatment for patients suffering from neurological diseases by creating complex 3D maps of the patient’s brain and by performing advanced analyses on the images. The company hopes to accelerate the workflow for discovery and development of new treatments for brain diseases. With the cloud platform, specialists (researchers, neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists) can upload medical images, have them automatically standardised and processed. They can access big datasets all in one place, within the browser, without the need to install and maintain any software. They can carry out advanced analyses with our widely used proprietary, open sourced, and licensed tools. Top notch researchers all around the world, from University of California San Francisco, Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, to Bayer Pharmaceuticals, have been using our platform that is infinitely scalable for data management, analysis, and sharing purposes. With our user friendly platform, all researchers can advance their data and understanding of thousands, even millions of images. All images can be visualized in 3D on BrainVis to examine fibers, volumes, maps, segments, lesions, and slices. The platform is HIPAA compliant to respect the privacy of the patient data we handle. Register now and get 10GB free storage and 20 processing credits (analysis) with a free trial to get you started.

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Created Spain, May/2013
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