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An autonomous mobile robot kiosk. My passion is to create value for every one of you, amazing people! I


About MIO Robots

We have been creating an autonomous robot that has an outstanding interface and will be able to communicate with people, cheer them up, as well as serve them drinks and snacks both indoors and outdoors. Our main idea is to create a new category of retail – mobile retail. We want to establish a service that comes to people instead of people coming to it! Having created prototypes of our robot MIO and tested them in Vilnius and Tel Aviv we have noticed just how much attention MIO attracts. We have successfully validated the concept of the MIO MOBILE ROBOT KIOSK and have been steadily improving it every day since then. We are currently working with the UK market and will launch to find commercial partners and we are in the process of taking MIO to Berlin and New York. With the help of our amazing team hundreds of MIOs will soon serve people wherever they are, by simply approaching them or being called upon via the official MIO app.

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Created United Kingdom, July/2016
Status Startup

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