La solución no farmacológica, no invasiva y sin efectos adversos para el estreñimiento crónico


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MOWOOT a non-pharmacological, non-invasive solution for chronic constipation in form of a wearable Class medical device (CE). Up to 80% of people with neurogenic diseases and even 15% of the general population suffer from chronic constipation. The current solutions like laxatives or enemas are not indicated for chronic us due to their side effects. MOWOOT consists of a matrix of pneumatic actuators that are aligned with the colon to emulate its natural movement and aid the feces through the intestines (exo-peristalsis). A desktop device controls the treatments algorithm and permits monitoring and ajustments. Connectivity to smart devices enhances patient engagement & user experience and generates clinical data for medical professionals and other stakeholders. Our project received the seal of excellence of the european comission. We confirmed our value proposition and developed our solution based on over 500 interviews with patients and stakeholders.

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Created Spain, August/2014

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