NAIA is a new concept of sailing aiming to popularise hydrofoiling


About NAIA

Today a cruising sailing boat that wants to cross the Atlantic takes around 18 days. We want a safe family cruising boat that can cross it in 8 days. How? Hydrofoiling. We need the boat to go above the water by fixing wings underwater that lift the whole hull. We reduce drastically drag to increase speed. Sounds easy, but... Today hydrofoiling sail boats are extremely unstable and difficult to sail. With waves and changing winds, nearly imposible. However, NAIA is the solution... NAIA is a completely new concept based in aeronautical technology. We are now patenting the idea and our next step is to build a prototype to prove the sector that our concept works. NAIA will focus in three main lines to capitalise this new concept. 1. Selling foil sailing boats 2. Selling a software to design hydrofoiling sailing boats 3. Selling the control (SW and HW) and it's updates.


Created October/2016
Status Seed

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