nanoRep is a cloud-based digital customer assistant, providing instant actionable answers, relevant to each user

About nanoRep

nanoRep is the premier digital customer assistant. By enabling your customers to take educated actions, nanoRep transforms your company knowledge into an instantly accessible asset at every stage along the customer journey. nanoRep injects the most pertinent knowledge into context for every customer, employee and website visitor to deliver actionable answers, in real-time, at every touch point and screen. Product variety and the explosion of touchpoints have created a new kind of self-reliant consumer that demands easy and instant access to information - and that’s just what nanoRep delivers. Users can ask any question in their natural language and get immediate answers that are relevant, contextually accurate, personalized and actionable. With powerful customer analytics, nanoRep removes the guesswork and effort from content creation and maintenance. Empowering brands to provide a superb, frictionless customer experience by helping them gain greater relevance to customer needs.

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Created Israel, September/2009
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Status Startup

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