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About Nederlia

We are Nederlia. We spot your Tech Talent…. (… and guide you to your next job abroad). Nederlia helps Tech Talent with taking their career to the next level. Headquartered in stunning Barcelona we are waiting to help you find your dream job at one of Europe's hottest start-ups. We are team of International TechSpotters, who have moved to different countries more than once ourselves so we understand that it can be exciting but scary at the same time. On your next journey your Yoda we want to be. We understand super geeks, their love for kung fu, Yoda, Cryptography, algorithms, hacking, coffee, red bull, Japanese animation and reverse engineering! With Google and Facebook laying the platform for positive working environments, we work with companies that follow that lead, No suits! No Comic Sans! Hack days and who encourage and trust their technology department to build and break things.

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