nimBees is a mobile marketing platform with steroids, featuring a extremely powerful segmentation engine based on our user profiling tech.

About nimBees

Push Notifications platform The push notifications platform offered by nimBees provides a highly-customizable notifications service focused on improving the communication between brands and customers within their mobile app. Push notifications can be sent to Android and iOS mobile platforms, specifying several segmentation criteria such as current and past geolocation, custom tags, mobile platform and so on. Schedule in date and time the delivery of your campaigns and nimBees platform will take care of it! Beacon management Extend your indoor marketing strategy by adding Beacons, that can be detected from your mobile app, on your physical store. Configure messages for entering and leaving the action zone of each beacon, as well as the frequency on which messages are shown. Send real-time notifications to users that are close to a certain beacon. Mobile Marketing Platform Design a mobile marketing strategy that fits your needs, connecting your systems to the nimBees API and extending the segmentation capabilities of the platform with your own. Retain customer through a combined strategy of beacons and geolocated notifications, customizing the experience of each user depending on his location, interests and preferences. Get metrics on the success of each campaing, the busiest traffic areas, the most successful promotions or the average time passed inside the regions associated to a beacon. Custom Projects The advanced segmentation provided by nimBees allows its use for other fields, such as tourism, eAdmin, active aging, etc. Take advantage of our custom notifications, which allow your app to process silent notifications and download custom content or updates. Tell us about your need to adapt your mobile app to your users, and we will customize nimBees for your project.

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