We are OBUU, and we have developed our own preprocessing method to apply computational Simulations to GSE & Tooling provisioning.

About Obuu

Only in the aerospace market, it is expected that the US and EU will spend 26 billion $ in 2016 in stock for aircrafts maintenance. Overstock is a problem for any complex organization, and optimisation of the stock and the logistic structure is an increasing need in the maintenance world. OBUU offers an integrated solution, based in customer specific needs and customised to their structure and operation, with an easy-to-use interface; for optimisation of specific tools, consumables and repairable units stocks. With two different projects within Airbus, we want to apply our methods not only to the aerospace, but also to the railway and renewable energy industries, and from there expand to other more generalist sectors with similar stock problems. OBUU software suite is a very powerful tool for strategic decision making in maintenance organisations that aims to push the boundaries of stock provisioning optimisation where a high-performance resource management is a must. Contact: mario.ingles@obuu.es

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