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By 2020 the number of smart devices globally will surpass 6.1 billion. Our goal is to make it possible to reach anyone on earth with a smart device, in order to request information from their location. If you need someone on the ground, somewhere in the world that you need to be but CANNOT be, to collect information for you, to take photos or video of something, to physically verify information, to gather local information or anything else - and to do it ON DEMAND, then the One Degree app can provide that assistance. For individuals seeking an additional revenue stream in their lives we offer the opportunity to gather information of all kinds using only your smartphone. Our Search clients' needs are global - so no matter where on Earth you live, having our app on your phone can earn you revenue. Negotiate your fee directly with your client. Imagine the value of being the only person in your location able to collect information required by someone in another part of the world . . .

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Created Canada, October/2013
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