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We offer a mobile payment and ordering application for the gastronomy industry.

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We developed and optimized over the last four years a mobile payment and ordering application for apple and android based smartphones. With this you can easily order your food or drinks along the way in one of our 100 gastronomy partners. After selecting the location and the preferred product, you can directly pay via the App (credit card, PayPal or SEPA). The order reaches immediately the location, where the user ordered his products. The employee recognizes the incoming order through the bill, which is being printed automatically and furthermore through a visual and acoustic signal. Now the employee can start to prepare the order. If the order is ready, the user can be easily informed by a automated push notification, which occurs directly on the users smartphone. Finally he only has to pick it up in the fastlane – without loosing time by standing in the queue. Our customers (coffee shops, restaurants, Fast food chains, etc.), where our mobile payment and ordering solution can be used by the final customer, are located in the gastronomy industry.

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