HAZURSystem platform for experts to create city resilience offices in every city. Become sustainable and smart improving resilience



OptiCits develops a scalable technological platform to help city managers & urban service providers to assess & manage Resilience in cities as a spin-off created in the IQS School of Engineering and IQS School of Management to improve the RESILIENCE and EFFICIENCY of CITIES by developing new products and services. 

Currently developing the HAZUR SYSTEM, a City Resilience Management Platform for city managers, urban services operators and consultancy engineering companies to assess and manage Resilience.

Hazur® Resilient Systems, is a software platform for analysis, simulation and management, based on Resilience Assessment methodologies that have been validated in Barcelona, as well as in other cities and territories. The solution is deployed trough a Resilience Partner Program accreditation.

 Hazur® Resilient Systems, is a package of software and methodologies for Urban Resilience, made up of two main modules:

Hazur® Assessment analyses interdependences in service networks, assesses the impact aftermaths and cascade effects, and enables the proposal of resilience improvement projects and effective crisis management protocols.

Hazur® Manager combines the Assessment information with real- time information, providing the Chief Resilience  Officers with tools for service network monitoring and impact situation management.
Organization founded in Spain.




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Opticits lanza una ronda de financiación de 600.000 euros

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