Monitor, analyze and understand the online conversation about your brand




Our main product, Oraquo Analytics, is a tool for monitoring, analizing and undestanding the online conversation. Our customers have access to a wide variety of dashboards where they can see all the information collected about their products, brands, competitors... and so, take better business decisions. Oraquo can be applied on several areas. 

How our customers are using Oraquo:
- Brand and competition analysis.
- Focus marketing actions.
- Improve products and services.
- Monitor trends and new products.
- Online reputation management in real time.
- Market surveys.
- Competitive intelligence.
- Surveillance, security and threats detection.
- Identify influencers and target segments.
- Manage and analyse your customers relationship service.
- Leads detection.

Business high lights:
- SaaS B2B business model, priced between 300€ and 3.000€/month.
- More than 20 customers.
- Recurring revenues, with an high average lifetime per customer.
- Fast deployment in less than 5 minutes.
- Rapid profit growth with volume.
- Few high-level competitors. Top 10 of the market.
- Global and multi-sectorial market.

We have another two products:
- Oraquo Social CRM; the most complete Microsoft Dynamics integrated social listening solution in the market.
- Oraquo Wall; a tool to transform a live event in an online conversation to promote the
participation of your real and virtual audience.
Organization founded in Spain. Since February/2011. 9 employees. GROWTH phase.




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