We are a FinTech startup which caters to salaried/corporate people with sort term lending for their urgent needs.




We are an innovative FinTech organization which offers short term lending as well as long term funding support to corporate employees. We leverage both traditional as well as modern lending technique and integrate technology to access the profile of the customers.  
Salaried employees are aware of their income and have planned their expenses wisely but at any point of time emergency fund requirements may arise and hamper their planning putting them under financial worries.
At PayMe we are passionate to win trust of our customers and make our organization reliable for any of their financial need. We have designed this new concept of lending to help them in handling such challenges efficiently. We not only assist our customers with short term funding but are willing to help them in coming out of long term financial distresses as well. We also provide free advisory to our customers to come out of debts on which they are paying higher interest and improve their overall credit scores.
As we understand this dire need and its implications better, we have invested our 30 years of experience to design the products which can best match your urgent fund requirements.
Since April/2016. SEED phase.



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