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Pebbles Interfaces' motion sensors and software can be embedded into smartphones, PCs or smart TVs to turn them into gesture-controlled obje


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We are Pebbles Interfaces. We are here to revolutionize the way people interact with the digital world. Our technology provides an entirely new meaning to simple and natural human gestures, by unifying the interfaces on any device or platform, be it a smartphone, PC, smart TV, or even a coffee table surface — from any distance. We develop advanced motion sensors that display physical objects within the digital space, at any range or angle, with no latency. Pebbles’ minimal hardware is being embedded in our partners’ smart products and devices. These upcoming products are set to reinvent human interaction within the digital world. Following our vision — to naturally interface with every object, real or virtual — Pebbles presents a technology that extends human behavior, enabling simple and intuitive interaction with any consumer electronic device.

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