Pixelated Realities


Mobile VR platform for user-generated 3d-scanned scenes withimmersive branded advertizing

About Pixelated Realities

Pixelated realities create a platform that connects the community of enthusiasts to 3Dscan real world and VRlise our reality into Metaverse. Using drones and consumer grade cameras we capture reality and generate 3D data with photogrammetry technique.You shoot photos, upload them on our server to create a sparse point cloud and we generate a 3D mesh to create a VR location ready to be explored by you in a cardboard.In prototype, you already can travel using teleport from Duke de Richelieu Square in Odessa up to Kiev Maidan, but in our ongoing plans we will provide much more locations and time travelling functionality by hosting architectural/art contests and reconstructing extinct cultural heritage in virtual reality.

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