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About Plis & Play

Plis and Play is an entertainment social platform. We find the perfect plan for every user regarding their interests and lifestyles, we suggest people to share special moments with and we offer help to discover the best places in every town.

Plis & Play business 

Plis & Play was born to provide and boost entertainment and culture in cities, revitalizing, this way, local economies. What we offer to local businesses is a system to improve the way they communicate and broadcast their services, reaching their ideal customers with a more efficient and enjoyable approach. 

The companies that already rely on Plis & Play count on tech devices, marketing and staff management strategies, so their targets can be easily accomplished. We provide segmentation, analysis and data measurement, fitting the real demand of the market.

Besides, every local business has a beacon device that allows communicating with customers in a more friendly way, helping customer loyalty by providing tailored offers to clients. 

Plis & Play guide

A fresh and youthful guide focused on providing reference contents, in different areas, for Plis & Play users.

Plis & Play ads

Plis & Play makes possible, for companies and brands, to use the advertising system that different areas of our platform offer, acquiring then a wide and active base of users, and not only offering online consuming data, but offline consuming data too, profiting from the beacon Plis & Play net.
Since May/2016. SEED phase.


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