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WHAT IS INSURANCE? Insurance is basically a financial vehicle which aims to provide protection from financial losses as well as other unforeseen circumstances such as health problems. It also helps ensure covering financial losses such as damages to vehicles. It’s basically a form of risk management technique. Individuals, as well as private and public sector organizations, can all apply for an insurance. Insurance is bought in the form of a policy on which you have to pay premiums on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis depending on the terms of your respective policy. TYPES OF INSURANCE Life Insurance- An insurance policy type which helps financially in covering loss and damages to you personally, or to family members and property. Health Insurance- Health insurance policies are used to provide assistance for health-related problems occurring from illness or accident and also provides provisions for covering nursing care, surgeries, consultation, diagnostic tests, ambulance service, hospital accommodation, medical bills etc Car Insurance- Buying a car is always a thrill, however, what is one to do when you’re ride meets an unfortunate accident? The costs of repairs are generally pretty high from Car Insurance helps to provide assistance for damages to the vehicle. A comprehensive policy can help protect against both natural as well as man-made causes of accidents. Two Wheeler Insurance- Two wheelers are fun and convenient to ride but much like cars cost of damages in case of an accident soar high and it can be a serious burden. Choosing a good two wheeler policy thus becomes vital when you buy a new ride. Travel Insurance- Travelling sets the soul alight and opens you up to new cultures, cuisines, and experiences. However, a travel is never free from mishaps. Travel insurance ensures that you are protected against issues like loss or misplacement of baggage, passports medical issues while traveling out of the country. A good travel insurance is a perfect companion for the avid explorer. Home Insurance- It is true what they say Home is where the heart is. Home insurances protect the roof over your head by assisting against damages incurred by the house and it contents. A good home insurance policy can help the homeowners keep the home keep it as it is: Happy, Playful and a place of love and affection. WHY DO YOU NEED INSURANCE? Do I really need insurance? Will I actually benefit from it? questions like these pop up when you think about insurance. We can assure you the answer to both those questions is yes. The simple reason that you need insurance is that life is uncertain. There are many factors involved with your life and the life of your loved ones that are beyond our control and many times unforeseeable situations arise which need immediate financial resources. In such cases, a carefully selected insurance policy can work wonders for you. Here, we list down a few reasons why you should go for an insurance Provides financial well being as well as peace of mind that you can face up to uncertain challenges. Insurance policies Serve as a substitute for income post-retirement Insurance policies can help fulfill investment goals Insurance policy help protect not just the policy buyer but protects their loved ones as well.

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