The "airbnb" for commercial spaces


A COMPREHENSIVE and DISRUPTIVE solution for RETAIL. How to grow and become more profitable? By joining two ideas: POP UP STORES AND COLLABORATIVE ECONOMY Our aim is to help retail sector, with our platform ("airbnb style") connecting: -Commercial space DEMAND: People who aim to take their products to the street (new designers, online shops, stores anywhere…). They generally want to GROW, but may also be interested in becoming more PROFITABLE. WITH -Commercial space OFFER: People who have a store, and offer space in it to bring products from a third party in order to obtain extra income. These people look for PROFITABILITY, although they are also interested in GROWTH. The solution is DISRUPTIVE because it proposes a new collaborative model among companies, which implies a different paradigm in traditional retail chain. It gives one the opportunity to place one’s products anywhere at any given time, and allow any store to have the possibility to become a POP UP STORE. The solution is COMPREHENSIVE because we cover the entire cycle, CONTACT by means of the platform, product LOGISTICS, SALES SUPPORT (applying the latest technologies with cloud sales) and return of INCOME, INFORMATION and PRODUCTS.


Created Spain, June/2015
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