Prinnel is a company specialized in the supply of 3D printing material solutions, based in Barcelona, Spain.

About prinnel

Born in 2015, Prinnel is a company specialized in the supply of 3D printing material solutions addressed to business and consumers. We offer several filament materials aimed for FFF/FDM production, which include biodegradable thermoplastics such as PLA, and engineering materials with high impact resistance such as ABS and others. We are a diverse team, which combines academic training and industrial experience in engineering and design. This, together with hands on experience in the plastic sector and in the industrial design field allows us to lead our company goals and to grow as a specific 3D material company within the additive manufacturing industry. Furthermore, we provide our clients the possibility to buy through our online store and provide easy access to quality products.

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Created Spain, March/2015
Status Startup

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