PubSport allows fans to find live sports on TV at local bars and helps bars organize and market their sports programming

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PubSport provides food and beverage establishments (F&Bs) with a custom television guide of their upcoming sports programming to help organize bar staff and save time. The platform simultaneously serves as a consumer facing app to help fans discover awesome viewing experiences, like-minded fans, and promotional deals at local bars & restaurants. Problem: F&B staff lack an industry tool to identify if they carry specific sporting events and channel numbers through their available television provider. This information is crucial in order for F&Bs to convert inquiries on the phone into paying customers, and satisfy patrons already present at the establishment. F&Bs also face extremely high commercial PPV prices with uncertain returns. Fans face a frustrating experience of finding their favorite teams with like-minded fans at local F&Bs; when calling in, F&B staff hardly ever know if they carry the correct packages, and if they do, fans have no way of knowing if the game will be playing, or if other fans will be in attendance. Solution: We utilize an API that provides us with the upcoming sports listings for all major television providers in the United States & Canada that we then link to the F&Bs’ available packages and channels. Our profiles offer F&Bs a digital and printable guide of their upcoming sports programming specifically catered to their favorite teams and major events. F&Bs will also have the capability to confirm games and advertise promotional deals through the app. Users benefit from this information as well as other hard to find bar specs such as, happy hours, number of televisions, number of fans attending, team/supporter group affiliations, daily fantasy options, and more. PubSport also plans to build a Pay Per View (PPV) crowdfunding feature for F&Bs to presale cover charges as a way to gauge consumer demand before a fight takes place.

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