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Quizlyse automatically transforms any content published on a website into real-time social quizzes using big data technology. ABOUT US Quizlyse was founded in 2012 along with the support of Incubio (business incubator specialized on the use of Big Data technologies) and Barcelona Activa (enterpreneurial branch of the Barcelona City Council). We have created a pioneering tool to engage, retain and monetize your audience through Social Quiz Games based on your content. Using Quizlyse requires no maintenance as it automatically transforms any content published on a website, anything from breaking news to the latest trends, into real-time social quiz games using Big Data technology. By providing users with valuable content in the form of a game, it ensures that your message gets across, while the same time providing a fun experience for your users. Get your quiz and see how both your company and customers can win: by segmenting and targeting customers in real-time, while your customers have fun playing social quizzes.

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