We create powerful and design-conscious e-bikes that aim to disrupt the world of commuting by combining a number of innovations.


Rayvolt Bike SL is an engineering company based in the historic El Born quarter in Barcelona, Spain. The company’s name is derived from the sun’s rays and the electrical unit volt. When combined, they create Rayvolt. The brand stands for alternative and visionary transportation concepts, clean energy, and a high-tech and high-end sustainable lifestyle. Designed by French entrepreneur Mathieu Rauzier, a naval engineer renowned in the world of watersports for having revolutionised the design and performance of stand-up paddle racing boards, our first bike, the Cruzer, adopts the retro and cosseting lines of a Californian beach cruiser and combines them with a sleek reimagining of iconic motorcycles, such as the Indian Chief or the Café Racer. The result is an eminently stylish electric bicycle with a truly timeless silhouette. With 93.8% energy efficiency (versus 25% for a regular combustion engine), the Cruzer lays claim to an almost completely silent performance-enhanced engine. Its on-board computer, entitled EIVA (Electronic Intelligent Vehicle Assistant), is built in-house and allows you to adapt the power and speed of the engine, as well as the levels of pedal assist needed, depending on the gradient of the road surface. In addition to its fully-integrated GPS, which has both on- and offline capabilities, the Cruzer helps you geolocate your bike in real-time and boasts a comprehensive multimedia player. Through its Regenerative Braking System (RBS) and its solar-powered covering, which absorbs the sun’s rays to help recharge the battery, the Cruzer is at the vanguard of energy saving technology. The RBS is coupled to a gyroscope that takes into account the gradient of the surface below and the direction in which the bike is moving in order to determine the level of pedal assistance required by the user. On the manufacturing side, Rayvolt bikes are assembled using 100% solar energy, and pollution is avoided through the non-use of environmentally harmful materials such as PVC (widely used for the production of plastic components in bike parts) or cadmium, a highly noxious chemical used in battery production. Instead, Cruzer batteries are lithium-based. Lithium is a 100% recyclable natural resource and it is the cleanest energy available today for high-performance battery production. In the words of Rayvolt Founder: “We’re looking to firmly position ourselves within the clean commuting segment. The Cruzer gives you the possibility of sitting at the helm of a high-tech, yet vintage-looking, zero-emissions motorcycle. It gives you the chance to commute in style, safe in the knowledge that you’re remaining respectful of the environment.” This original concept attracted the constructive interest of famous brands as Harley-Davidson, Ripcurl or Agnès b. In order to support its worldwide impact, Rayvolt created a B2B that easIly manage In a sIngle platform all needs from the brand, dIstrIbutors, salesmen and retailers side.This allows to have a seamless worldwide stock mutualized between various importers which will minimize the risk
 of overstock or shortage. With 400 Cruzer already sent across the globe and 200 about to be delivered, we are looking for investors to move forward our new models and so on to propose our solutions for a new world.


Created Spain, March/2016
Status Startup

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