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RenewBuy seeks to create disruptive consumer facing technologies to change the way Financial product categories are marketed. As a first step, the company has started the creation of a Car Insurance platform which is the largest and fastest growing insurance category. This business has been in existence since Apr 2015 and has significant traction over the last 6 months. While the company had 200 transactions in September and 400 in October, the company aims to get to 800 transactions in November. With the current growth rate, the company plans to get to 2500 transactions by March 2015 making it one of the formidable players in the Online Insurance space. Over the next 5 years, the company has an aspiration to have more than 2 million transactions. The company is also work on a disruptive new mobile based technology for all existing car & bike owners of the country.Keep watching this space for more information

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