Neural Networks cloud API. A reliable way to create accurate Deep Learning Image Recognition, Tagging & Classifiers tailored trained models.



ABOUT RESTB AI offers an exceptionally accurate cloud Deep Learning Image Recognition API. By using our Artificial Intelligence technology images and videos can be understood, moderated, filtered, categorised,  classified or tagged in almost real time. Obtaining very high confidence scores.
Our systems are fully scalable, and capable of processing several millions of requests per hour.
Developers and Enterprises can easily start using our technology, deploying customised solutions very fast. Our state-of-the-art deep convolutional neural networks based system allows you to obtain unique custom-built solution.

We also offer several ready to use Trained Classifiers:

>Real State and Properties (accuracy >98%). Categorise images according to 12 predefined categories (Empty Room, BathRoom, LivingRoom, Kitchen, DinningRoom, Terrace, Pool, Garden, Parking, Hall, Outdoors, NoPropierty ....)
>Explicit and Nudity (accuracy >90%). Filters and moderates images fro the Dating marketplaces. Find and tags images containing images of nude bodies, erotic, explicit sex,  no face, child presence, swim suit, drugs paraphernalia, weapons...
>Second Hand - Cars Marketplaces. (Accuracy >90%). Helping to tag images and categorise them in order to improve the user experience when uploading images or searching.
>General Classifier (Accuracy >85%). General purpose classifier aimed to tag pictures.
Organization founded in Spain. Since February/2015. 8 employees. STARTUP phase.



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Restb Ai recibe €1,2M de financiación

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