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We design and build mobile apps to solve life's day to day common challenges.


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Mobile apps have revolutionalized the way we work, play and live. They have made life easier for all, enabling businesses to reach and serve their customers in a much simpler way. There are hundreds if not thousands of apps in Apple Store and Playstore today, which only address a fraction of the potential need for apps. Apps do not require much to build and run, yet they are such powerful tools of trade in terms of their ability to integrate business processes such as those built around customer care and finance, with sales and marketing strategies. Their operational overheads and need for fixed assets are minimal. Ripuripu Solutions Ltd. was created from this realization, and is inspired and driven by the Silicon Valley philosophy. We have already ten applications at various stages of development. One is ready for launch in March of 2018 and aims at helping house holds source and hire house helps with ease from the comfort of their phones, anywhere, anytime. We will spend three months recruiting about 1,000 of them for purposes of testing the app and the market which is approximately 400,000 homes (addressable market) in Nairobi City alone. As opposed to majority of employment bureaus already operating in this industry, we will add value by committing certain standards to our customers such as service level agreements for the hiring process, vetting of the house helps to ensure they are reliable and trust worthy, basic training in vital skills such as first aid, baby nursing and operation of house hold electronics. Our app will also help the customer to dictate a selection criteria such as age, experience, skill level, salary range, terms of employment such as day bug or live-in, a value add which other providers currently do not provide. In order to stimulate the market, our app will also allow customers to rate their house helps after every month of service, which will trigger a number of actions for example reward the house help who consistently rank the best among their peers. The top prize will be an all paid expense dream holiday in Dubai which we have already budgeted for. The biggest challenge we face which is also our biggest opportunity is sourcing of quality house helps. This is a despised profession in Kenya. Many youths would rather remain unemployed than work as domestic workers. The sector is also very informal, rife with exploitation and blatant violation of government wage regulations, a factor that could explain why many despise the profession. We intend to change all that and make it one of the enviable professions by forging partnerships with a cross section of stakeholders including government bodies such as social security (NSSF) and medical insurance (NHIF) to protect the rights of our house helps. Our idea is also unique in the sense that we shall operate a 24/7 customer care center. We have already invested in a mini IVR platform where customers can call and get guided to the right customer care agent who will resolve their issue. This is besides in-app messaging platform, our website and our social media platforms all of which will be manned 24/7. Our other nine apps that we are currently building are just as interesting, aiming to solve or simplify life's day to day common challenges for people and businesses. Our team is dedicated, highly skilled and burning with passion for innovation.

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Created Kenya, September/2017
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