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We build online marketplaces! Marketplaces similar with Airbnb, Booking, Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Upwork, Uber, Getaround, Taskrabbit, Kickstarte


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Since we founded Roobykon Software in 2011, we’ve grown into a rich community of highly-developed professionals and like-minded teammates. The result is that together, we have the skills and experience to really understand the needs and ambitions of our customers, and to realize those ambitions through the marketplaces we build together. We have ready solutions for you: - Rapid MVP development from scratch in a tight deadline and limited budget - Open source cost-effective custom Marketplace tailored to your needs - Project, Service, Booking or hybrid type marketplace development like eBay, Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, Booking, BlaBlaCar, Upwork. At Roobykon, we’ve also invested heavily in understanding the wider environment in which your marketplace operates – from the search engines that enable people to find it, to the ‘marketplace of marketplaces’ in which it will compete. This industry knowledge means that we don’t just implement your idea – we provide expert guidance towards its success.

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Created United States, June/2011

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