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SAPENTA (sapenta.com) is a disruptive new ‘Digital Enterprise Platform’ for transforming SMEs to the power of digital. Sapenta® digitises and connects all the information systems for the core business operations that are common to standard SMEs in order to dramatically improve efficiencies in relation to TIME (timesheets, calendar/planner, and leave requests/management modules), OFFICE (purchases and expenses modules), TRAVEL (travel and travel expenses) management and PROJECT (projects and tasks modules). By moving away from manual processes and non-connected tools, and transferring everything on to one unique platform, company information and data becomes powerful as it can be exploited and analysed by the latest data mining and intelligent decision support tools to provide invaluable insights to management for improving company performance. As an affordable cloud-based Digital Enterprise Platform, Sapenta opens the door for SMEs to quickly and seamlessly upgrade to a new set of rules for operations, performance and competition. Sapenta is the opportunity for SMEs to benefit from digital technologies to truly help elevate business performance. The benefits of using SAPENTA are compelling: by digitising their information-intensive processes, you save time, cut costs and greatly increase the efficiency of how you manage your teams, implement projects and essentially how you run you businesses.


Created Spain, June/2014
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