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Get the cutting edge on a market applying our solutions. Made with technological achievments for marketing needs of today, loved by people.

About Schimmelpfennig Motion

About us We are holistic for your benefit offering you the greatest ideas, products and analytic tools for your success! We’re marketing innovative company specialized in modern marketing media tailored for technologically evolving society and today’s marketing needs. We have created Friendly Marketing – new marketing approach, that provide you the opportunity to stay abreast of the world’s newest solutions and hi-tech trends in efficient advertisement. Thanks to our Smart Products, use video & sound in well known paper forms and make it online! Friendly Marketing is the first approach, that lets you reach customers directly and online equally to attract, engage and create emotional connection with them. Our methods are approved top companies on the market. We love to do modern marketing, we love to create connection between people and brands. We make marketing attractive, easier, and interactive, we do Friendly Marketing! Our mission is giving to the people incredible experiences and outstanding sales effects to you. We adapt marketing to modern society helping your brand be always up-to-date and loved by clients.

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Created United Kingdom, May/2014
Status Startup
Total inversión 1.520.000€
Rondas inversión
  • Early/Startup

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