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Secure Code Warrior is a gamified learning platform to teach software developers on how to write programs without security holes and it lets


About Secure Code Warrior

Have you ever been surprised by the number of security bugs that developers keep writing? And how many resources this absorbs by doing audits, penetration testing, fixing these bugs and delays in going live? Well, Secure Code Warrior is an innovative platform that will change how companies identify, use and train security talent in their development communities. It allows an organisation to measure, benchmark and improve secure coding skills of both in-house and off-shored developers grouping them into Security Champions, Security Skilled and Security Aware developers. It uses game-based coding challenges to assess the developers in their preferred coding language, it uses positive reinforcement to keep them engaged and it creates healthy competition between teams. The end result is basically a development community that understands how hackers break into systems and that knows how to avoid writing these security weaknesses without spending hours in a classroom or a large amount of cash. If you are interested, we would love to schedule a time to demonstrate our platform and explore how we may be able to work together.

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