Sellsuki is an e-commerce customer communication and order management platform designed to connect social networks with e-commerce.




Sellsuki is an e-commerce platform for billing, collecting, and managing orders on the social web. Designed for Southeast Asia, the Sellsuki bill/invoice is used to collect payments and manage orders for shops selling on Facebook through the use of chat.  
Due to the lack of proper e-commerce and payment infrastructure as well as consumer behavior and the high usage of social, a huge part of e-commerce transactions in Southeast Asia is done through e-mail and chat/instant messaging apps.  Our users get diluted with literally hundreds of people every day, but obviously these communication platforms weren’t made for e-commerce.  

Our platform gives our users the ability to 1) automatically filter messages by the stage of their order, 2) invoice & receive payments, and 3) shipping management.  We increase the efficiency of our sellers 5 times, from handling 20 orders per day per person, to over a 100.

Sellsuki's vision is to be the e-commerce platform for the new social seller.
Organization founded in null · Thailand. Since September/2013. 12 employees. STARTUP phase.


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