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Sinfonic undertakes the digitalization of the saliva fern test (SFT), which is a reusable test for fertility monitoring.

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We were wondering why people neglect the reusable saliva test to track their fertile period. All they need is an ovulation microscope that tells with 98% accuracy, on which days a woman can conceive a child. Instead, people prefer untidy blood and urine tests that even require the repeated purchase of expensive hormone stripes. There is a gynaecologist in our team and we made research, asked his patients and pharmacies to find out the real reasons. We concluded that microscope users often: - cannot distinguish crystals from other artifacts in the microscope, - find it difficult to compile the test results - struggle to take saliva samples. Hence we collected a large database of crystal images from volunteers and developed a web-app to complement ovulation microscopes with computer vision. The app detects crystals in dried saliva samples and visualises the female fertile period in calendar that it is also adequate for gynaecologists to monitor patients' fertility. At the same time, we found that crystals may appear when menses is missing and ultra sound tests show correlation with early pregnancy. In addition, saliva test can tell other physiological conditions e.g. PCOS when crystal presence is steady. To protect the idea and our findings, we launched a PCT patent application.

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Created November/2014
Status Startup

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