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Sinfonic digitizes the reusable saliva fern test for fertility monitoring

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We were wondering why women neglect the reusable saliva test. All they need is a microscope to magnify dried saliva samples, in which small crystals appear on those days when they can conceive a baby. Instead, women prefer the untidy urine test with expensive hormone stripes or the reusable basal body temperature test with very low accuracy. In our team there is a gynaecologist and he asked his patients and pharmacies to find out the real reasons. We concluded that ovulation microscope users: - cannot distinguish crystals from other artefacts in the microscope, - find it difficult to compile the test results, - think saliva test is not accurate. We have collected a database (over 1000) of crystal images from volunteers and, by first half of 2018, we created a cloud-based system for crystal detection. Users can take images with their smartphones through an ovulation microscope, which are analysed by computer vision and the results appear in a calendar. This significant technical innovation complements the FDA approved saliva test and makes the interpretation of the saliva test easy. The prototype is a web-app (https://babyndex.eu) that can detect crystals with over 95% accuracy. The calendar visualises the fertile days, which the user can show to a gynaecologist for monitoring. Also, we found that crystals may appear when menses is missing and ultra sound tests show correlation with early pregnancy. In addition, saliva test can tell other physiological conditions e.g. PCOS when crystal presence is steady. To protect the idea and our findings, we launched a PCT patent application.

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Created November/2014
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