First mobile application to recognize fertile saliva crystal patterns in ovulation microscopes to help women better understand their cycles

About Babyndex

Babyndex is the first and only mobile application that automatically interprets the saliva ovulation test. The FDA approved the saliva test in 2004 and child-seeking women / couples buy about 1 million ovulation microscopes globally, which only cost between 25-50 €. A gynecologist and an economist develop the app with the help of volunteers who provide them with saliva samples and test the product. The method with the application also has a pending patent. In addition, Harvard researchers concluded in a 2018 study that the saliva test with computer vision can predict ovulation with 99% accuracy. Babyndex has the potential to serve a growing market of ovulation microscopes. Important to note, estrogen hormone level increase induces saliva crystallization 3-5 days before ovulation. Thus it is a real time biomarker of the fertility window and women with irregular cycles can also use it. The vast majority of fertility testers are basal body temperature and LH urine tests, which require regular cycles and a sophisticated predictive algorithm. 1 in 3 women in their 30s have unstable cycles. They need help the most and their time is scarce and these tests are not an option for them. The fertility window is 5 days before ovulation and the day of ovulation. It is very important for these women to know when the fertility window is opening. Babyndex is the most affordable fertility tester for them.

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Created January/2016
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