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World's first skates on snow - an affordable and easy alternative in winter sports. Skiing & boarding is expensive and harder to learn.

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Since 2009, 40% of Canadian ski resorts have had a decline in attendees. A large percentage of customers are bored with traditional skiing and snowboarding. The average household income for skiers and snowboarders is around $100k, meaning that it's not a sustainable sport for most users. Sled Dogs Snowskates cost a fraction of the price. They're a lightweight and compact boot with a unique steel-edged ski base built into the bottom. Customers no longer have to deal with roof racks, or spending hours driving to a mountain in separate vehicles. They can easily fit everyone into one ride and throw their skates into the trunk. Snowskates take up less room on the ski slopes and therefore, customers have much more fun on the smaller runs found at local hills.

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Created Canada, March/2015
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