Smoobility gives you your most important documents right now across your devices without you lifting a finger.

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“We have created a world for ourselves that is too complicated for our humble human brains to handle.” (Arbesman 2014) The truth is, Samuel Arbesman is right. In our day and age, the digital professional is living in a highly complex system through work, multiple social groups, in many different locations like, the office, home or even in transit, and across multiple devices like the home computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet. The industry responded with the cloud storage that resolves the data synchronization but ask you to move your digital life into a central service. This solution is still no intuitive neither fluid, because it requires too much from you, the user, according to the people, project, company or device you work with. Cloud storage is an excellent to collaborate shared documents but it ends up creating a chaotic world with multiple versions of documents being stored everywhere. Market research on mobile workers (Huddle14, IDC’12) shows that there is a clear customer need to work everywhere and have access to all of his or her documents in one place. It’s time to make a shift. They need a mobile solution that’s friendly to use and adapts to their needs, making them more productive. Smoobility resolves the users first two problems: putting all documents in one place no matter where they are stored, and being able to have your work anywhere you go. Smoobility acts as your personal butler to ensure a natural, convenient and productive user experience. You work where you want, with the ability to switch from one device to another in the blink of an eye, so that you can focus on your core day-to-day work. Let Smoobility take charge of the organization.

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