Snapp Builder makes it easy to bring your business online and to create powerful and professional mobile apps and mobile websites.



Snapp is the business platform for the mobile-only economy. We enable businesses to build their first online presence (Snapp Builder); we empower users to discover, connect and transact online (Snapp Wave); and we allow 3rd party developers and companies to build on top of the Snapp ecosystem and reach instantly the exponentially growing, yet untapped, mobile-only market (Snapp Bridge developer API). The current lack of developers as the high costs associated with it, together with the growing demand for an internet presence creates a real and increasing need for a solution such as Snapp, since there's no solution for entrepreneurs to power their businesses through technology. We believe that this is broken and it is a gigantic opportunity to empower and build a relationship with the next generation of entrepreneurs globally.
Organization founded in United States. Since August/2014.



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