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About Social-3

Social-3 is a social analytics company specialized in social network analysis and predictive analytics using customer behavior data and social media data. Our flagship product is SNALizzner, a marketing analytics platform for analyzing customer engagement and influencer identification. This big data, cloud-based platform has several modules. The first module (the social media listening module) gathers intelligence from social media and monitors several media types such as blogs, forum or news sources and social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, Tumblr and Linkedin. With this core module, SNALizzner allows brands to measure, compare, and benchmark their social media campaigns. The second module (the event detection module) identifies in real-time events in Twitter and generates alerts via email and SMS. This module is specially designed for crisis management needing a rapid response. The third module (the influencer detection module) identifies influencers in pre-defined communities of several social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). This module allows SNALizzner to identify influencers specific to the companies' niche. The algorithms use advanced social network algorithms to identify influencers or ambassadors in any domain. They are identified based on four parameters: (1) Reach, (2) Trust/Authority, (3) Relevance and (4) Activity. The fourth module (the customer intelligence module) combines (internal) customer data with social media data to identify the most valuable customers using the concept of connected customer lifetime value. One practical outcome is for instance calculating the value of a Facebook fan. Social-3 is present in Antwerp, Belgium and Madrid, Spain.

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