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Digital Mathematics Courses Our Digital Mathematics Courses are the successor to the paper textbook and offer a true personalized e-learning experience for a fraction of the price. Personalized learning Students are both challenged and supported when and where they need it. They get a true adaptive and personalized learning experience, even in large heterogeneous groups. Automated testing An embedded testing module creates different types of randomized tests. The system automatically checks and grades the tests. The teacher can act as a second corrector. Cloud based All SOWISO Digital Math Courses can be accessed on any device from anywhere. Export to pdf, docx, and LaTeX for off-line use is also possible. Help on demand Help is available in the form of hints that adapt to the answers of the student. If the student gets stuck, a detailed explanation together with the solution can be asked. Learning analytics Our progress reports give detailed insight in student and class performance. Report breakdowns are available on progress, skill or activity. 5 euro The Digital Math Courses are competitively priced at only 5 Euro per student per year.

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