Sports club administration and coaching platform for youth and amateur sports.


About Sportlyzer

Sportlyzer combines club administration and coaching tools in a single platform. Administrative side helps coaches and club managers automate or simplify their daily tasks: - rosters (online registration, digital agreements, comprehensive athlete profiles, etc), - scheduling (group and individual, availability tracking, attendance records), - invoicing (groups and projects, payment tracking), - messaging (SMS, email, automatic notifications). Coaching tools help coaches plan and analyze athletes training: - planning (plan and visualize training in detail), - feedback (exchange training feedback with athletes), - performance tests (carry out tests and digitize results), - training analysis (analyze training and tests), - technique analysis (record sessions and analyze technique). Shortly, Sportlyzer provides coaches with more time, data, and inspiration - the core preconditions for sport innovation.

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Created Estonia, August/2010
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Status Startup
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  • Early/Startup

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