Share Space when shipping by Sea, Air or Land and Share Cost

About Swiftly

As a business we match people to share space when shipping by Sea, Air and Land. If you are shipping a container by Sea and you have extra space, we match you to other people who will fill in their cargo to utilize the extra space. The same applies if you are shipping a package by Air or loading a delivery Truck /Van on Land. The shippers who collaborate in this eco-friendly manner will then share the cost of the shipment with each party benefitting. Swiftly has come in to make an industry that can be expensive really affordable and much more judicious. It has been a matter of waste when someone has to ship a half full container by sea, a half full package by air or hire a delivery service without fully utilizing the space there in. We aim to solve that by linking shippers to each other in other for them to share space and share cost. Freight Forwarders who hassle to get customers for their consolidated shipments do not need to anymore, we bring you customers with no burden of marketing on your part. We are concerned about the environment , with Swiftly new shipments will not be consigned by those want to transport an item, and those with extra space in their shipments will not have the space wasted. The cargo is thus consolidated and so instead of 10 trips to ship items, it can be reduced to 7. This means less fossil fuel is going to be burnt, and less greenhouse gas emissions. We believe that Swiftly will help greatly in reversing global warming.

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