Tap My Back


Boost workplace motivation with a simple employee engagement app. It's like saying «Thank you» but with badges and for all team to see.

About Tap My Back

An easy to use software to boost workplace motivation and build stronger teams. 64% of employees that quit their jobs say they don't feel recognized for their work. Tap My Back is an employee recognition software that prevents this as it gives team members the motivation to keep improving their productivity and work performance by repeating actions that had a positive impact on the team. The team leader defines which actions are available for recognition. Main features: - Public employee recognition - Anonymous 360º performance evaluation - Optimal engagement through gamification - Analysis and Reporting with actionable insights - Personalization of badges, colors and logo - Integration with Slack Available for Windows 10, iOS, Android and web app for all browsers.

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Created Portugal, January/2015
Status Growth
Total inversión 1.520.000€
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  • Early/Startup

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