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We come from a long line of taxi entrepreneurs, and drivers. So is natural that we wanted to update this market. By knowing the needs from this companies directly, we developed a complete ERP system that lets them administrate and dispatch. We now have: -5 native mobile apps, white label, tailored to each company, Both Android and IOS. -Also a walkie-talkie app to empower the communications between them. -Besides, we have a digital enterprise solution platforms, for companies that need transportation services from other companies. So is for both passenger dispatch and enterprise alike. We are now in break even, having revenue for the past 18 months since we launched and serving 40 clients, some from USA, Europe and Latam. And we want to grow, so we are building -A marketplace so this companies can sell trips between them and -A Bus transportation system. We firmly believe in helping established companies, drivers and users to adapt to the new millenium!

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