Teltoo Boosts 4K/HD Online Video Delivery Networks: no more prime time nightmares.




Online TV broadcasters are having bad times delivering video during high audience peaks. The latest example is Mayweather vs Pacquiao boxing match. It was the most expensive pay-per-view TV show in history. Online viewers are getting their money back because the platform couldn't cope with such a huge demand. This could turn a big success into a nightmare. We fix that.

We have an innovative technology that can save up to 80% of the bandwidth from broadcasters streaming servers. This allows them to deliver very high quality video to customers even during the most demanding traffic peaks. 

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Our technology engages in a context-aware, real-time data processing that makes every consumer device become part of our video delivery network, allowing the network to scale much more sustainably. Teltoo is a pure software as a service solution. 

Our potential customers are Online TV and Video on Demand Broadcasters with very high volumes and traffic peaks. Examples could be the BBC, Canal+, Sky, and the like.

By 2019, the online video delivery market will fourfold and up to 90% of the Internet traffic will be video. A solution is needed to make this growth energetically and economically sustainable. Teltoo is doing it right now.
Organization founded in Spain. Since January/2015. 2 employees. STARTUP phase.



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