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Timpik helps for leisure Sports Players find other players to play with, sign up for matches, and find, book and pay for pitches and tournaments. Timpik helps for Leisure Sports Operators find and retain players. Internet, mobility and social networks have disrupted many industries. Now it is time for leisure sports. Players are in command and the ecosystem will organize itself around a platform where players find other players and events, and sports operators find players. Timpik is a mobile app players use to sign up to events and find players, and a mobile and web app for sports operators to manage events. We have found a growth path that allows us to grow profitably at a 20% CMGR, for the next 12-18 months. At that time our active user base will be around 107,000 and we will process €1.6 million. Once you are big in a mature city you are difficult to remove. Since we know how to grow cities fast and profitably the race has started CUSTOMERS: Two types of customers: Players and Sports Operators Our web and apps are rewarded as best in market by our users. They tell us every day how much they love Timpik and how much they thank us for helping them practice sport. KPI Growth at €0 Marketing Spend (CMGR) July 2015 4 per month Monthly Active Users May 2015 6,613 per month Monthly Revenue May 2015 8,000€ per month Monthly Unique Visitors June 2015 16,000 per month Registered Members June 2015 150,000 Transaction Volume May 2015 93,300€ per month


Created Spain, November/2011
Status Startup

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