Untravel is an online travel portal, offering comprehensive, highly customizable travel solutions for experiential, active holidays.

About untravel

We exist to solve travellers’ problems by: • Giving them the option to customize/personalize the holiday through choices offered across three key travel aspects – 1) Activity/Experiences, 2) Accommodation, 3) Transport • Providing the most suitable options based on travellers’ personal interests/ preferences/ travel styles – we strongly believe that a standardized ‘one size fits all’ itinerary approach is limiting and doesn’t maximize what the guest can get out of the holiday • Ensuring that service delivery across all aspects is consistent, high quality & personalised – we work with limited, high quality partners with an emphasis on safety • Offering experiences/ activities that are not available off the shelf & come from our in-depth understanding of the geographies we operate in • Opening up experiential /active holidays to families, with special focus on kid-friendly activities

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