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URBAN Public Safety Assistant provides public safety incidents prevention service to cities/tourist destinations & their residents/tourists

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URBAN - PUBLIC SAFETY ASSISTANT Company/Product Name URBAN Digital Solutions/URBAN Public Safety Assistant - residents and tourist public safety assistant mobile app Management team Antun Sunjic - CEO, Founder; Fran Hrzenjak - CTO, Co-founder Top Milestones achieved up until this point Application prototype version is ready to be presented to potential investor. BUSINESS SCOPE Business niche URBAN business niche is Smart City niche. Primary business customers we aiming to are cities and tourist destinations. Business agenda is set around partnering with cities municipalities in order to produce business solution completely aligned and customised with city public safety and security agenda. Our end-user market segments are: - city residents and tourist destinations visitors/tourists; - b2b companies in need of public safety information regarding their business risk assessment. Business pitch line URBAN mobile app is „Google Maps“ for city/tourist destination public safety! Business offer We are offering interactive URBAN public safety assistant mobile application as a fully customised city residents public safety incidents prevention service solution to towns, cities and tourist destinations regarding improvements in residents/tourists public safety. We can extend our offer towards providing our solution to country regions and entire countries. PRODUCT INFORMATION What is URBAN Public Safety Assistant? URBAN Public Safety Assistant mobile application is a public safety incidents prevention service that is digital, interactive and mobile. URBAN public safety assistant motto: "Use information, act wise, be safe!" What does URBAN do? URBAN is a public safety assistant mobile app which provides tourists/residents with relevant, useful, visually easy to understand address/neighborhood level information about city/tourist destination safety and security. What problem URBAN is solving? Current issue that cities and tourism industry are facing with is safety and security of residents, tourists, cities and tourist destinations itself. Our agenda is to make everyone safe in any place and in any time by empowering users with relevant safety and security information. What solution URBAN Public Safety Assistant is providing? We are providing relevant, useful and visually easy to understand public safety incidents prevention service in form of incidents history information about city/tourist destination safety situation. If tourists/residents know where incidents are more likely to occur, at what time and in what extent then they can act in prevention and avoid certain spots. Why customers use URBAN? Our competitive advantages are our business model, data aggregation model and software engine - source data analysis solution. As competitors use prediction models or use community for data, URBAN public safety assistant is using city government data. We do not make incident predictions. We aim to reach every resident and tourist traveller worldwide to empower them with relevant town/tourist destinations safety information so that possible personal safety and security incidents can be prevented. FINANCE AND FINANCING Finance status We are in a prototype version status, looking for a seed financing round and planning to raise 1.000,000 € of capital. We are offering up to a 15% of equity in return. Capital will be deployed to form a team of 7 professionals (including founders). Burn-out rate is planned for 24 months and capital will be distributed on sales, salaries, marketing, r&d, business development operational and legal affairs. APPLICATION MODEL DEPLOYMENT BASED ON PUBLICLY AVAILABLE CITY GOVERNMENT DATA AND SCALABLE MARKET Application business & technology deployment We are planning to build Application around scale and size of city like Madrid or Barcelona. After the Application is fully functional, operational and ready for market, we will replicate Application software engine to deploy it onto worldwide Smart City markets of biggest cities and tourist destinations. Application software engine will remain the same whilst new market destination data and data volume is subject of change. Having successfully deployed URBAN public safety assistant app to city of Madrid or Barcelona, we are certain that we can deploy app to any other town globally. URBAN MARKETS AND INDUSTRY Smart Cities market Top 300 worlds biggest and wealthiest cities exceeds 1,2 bln in population. $ 26.757 bln is total GDP of 150 out of 300 biggest and wealthiest cities. 600 mln tourist arrivals out of 2016 total 1,2 bln tourist arrivals worldwide are accounted by top 100 city destinations Mobile Advertising market - Advertising growth is concentrated in big cities In 2017 mobile advertising market grew 37% reaching $107 bln. By 2019, advertisers will spend $156 bln on mobile, more than all traditional media, except television, put together. 10 cities will contribute 11% of all growth in global ad spend between 2016 ($61 bln) & 2019 ($69 bln) B2B market size of industries requiring public safety information BI for their business risk assessment Insurance 3,6 trillion €, Real estate 7,6 trillion €, US Mortgage 1,4 trillion €, Tourism/hospitality 1,1 trillion €, Transportation 4,5 trillion €, Construction 8,7 trillion €... Who are URBAN top competitors? TripAdvisor, GeoSure, Travel Safe, SafeAround...

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Created Croatia, October/2018
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