Schedule your appointment for your pets with this software for veterinaries & pet-owners !

About Vetowl

Vetowl gives you access to vets for your pets by simply creating your account and choosing a vet and scheduling your appointment in 3 clicks. Beyong that, Vetowl is the perfect software for both, the pet-owner and and the vet. We created this company because we want to change the way your take care of your animal's health. Scheduling an appointment can be time consuming and once that is done, you have to remember everything your vet told you. That's why we created Vetowl to become the perfect platform saving everyone time and work. As a vet, you can handle your business like any business would with any customer management software. The big difference ? You don't need to answer your phone 10 times a day anymore and the users are the ones adding the animals to the database. A better way to handle the data that is available and a better way to communicate on both sides. Beyond that Vetowl also provides many services, like marketing and SEO for our vets. We also created an exchange platform for the vets so that they can discuss and share their experiences. The enduser and the vets can both publish on our blog to add their experience and advice to be available to everyone. Having dogs and cats, we are proud to make our life easier. We think this should make yours greater too !

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Created France, September/2016
Status Startup

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