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Volunteer World is a one-stop resource for international volunteer opportunities. A comparison platform that is made for meaningful travel!

About Volunteer World

Volunteer World is the first independent comparison platform for international volunteer programs. In just a few clicks it connects NGOs and socially engaged people on a global scale. Based in Dusseldorf/Germany, the social start-up focusses on a two folded strategy to utilise gaps in the international volunteer industry, targeting volunteers and social organizations simultaneously. The platform makes it possible to search and compare volunteer opportunities based on the volunteers’ preferences. Instead of consulting a specialized travel agency, socially engaged people are able to apply directly to the volunteer organization. In addition, the comparison platform provides an intuitive application process that enables volunteers to quickly share relevant documents and manage multiple applications. On the other side, social projects are provided with an integrated application management tool to simplify the application handling and stay ahead of increasing demands. During the application process, Volunteer World provides support to both, the volunteers and the organisations, ensuring a smooth process. The platform is designed to guide both parties through a safe and easy process, including all necessary payments. The communication with the local project manager reflects in cost and time savings. This, in turn, creates a more satisfying experience for volunteers during the search process. Equalizing the recruitment opportunities for global acting NGOs and grass-root projects, the platform creates the possibility to reach a larger audience of qualified volunteers from around the world. The young company was already able to succeed in several competitions based on its sustainable concept. Next to the title "Best Start-up Düsseldorf 2015”, the title "Best Start-up Rheinland 2016” in the follow up competition was obtained. The young company was also nominated as the best start-up in Germany in the category "Travel/Tourism" in the same year.

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